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Banners for Peace

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a collaborative painting workshop

this project supports:

  • Team Building
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Raising a Voice for Peace
  • Best for groups of 6 – 15 students
  • Grades 4 – 12

For more information and to see photos from previous workshops click here.

For San Francisco Bay Area Schools:

Please sign up to have a Banners for Peace workshop as an After-School Program, or, in conjunction with an existing Art Class.   Please contact us for more information.   A 10 week workshop costs $1,600 for a single facilitator and all necessary arts supplies.

Elsewhere in the United States, join in the fun by creating a Banner for Peace on your own.   We will provide you will all the necessary information to host a successful workshop.  To request information and/or purchase your Banners for Peace kit, please email us through our Contact page.

Banners for Peace is a ten – week painting workshop where a group of students work together to design, develop, and paint simple uplifting slogan, and the accompanying mural, on a giant canvas (up to 10 x 20 ft in size). The finished mural is then displayed in the school as an inspirational art piece. This workshop is designed for students in 4th – 12th grade. In the past three years, we have facilitated this collaborative arts project more than 25 times in Bay Area schools.

How it Works:

  • The Banners for Peace workshop is a collaborative arts initiative inviting schools to organize a group of students to participate in the painting of a giant work of art with a simple up-lifting slogan and unique design.
  • Banner painting workshops meet for 60-90-minute sessions, one day a week, for eight-ten weeks as either an after-school program, or in conjunction with an existing art class. (workshop length, size, and duration can all be modified to meet specific needs)
  • These workshops provide a group of students the opportunity to work together to design, decorate, and paint a banner to reflect their voice and vision for peace.

Educational Aspects

  • Team building
  • Visioning and artistic design
  • Fonts and Lettering
  • Fulfillment of project completion
  • Communication skills
  • Learning new artistic techniques
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills
  • Positive Affirmation and Encouragement

Additional Information:

To get your school staeted in a Banners for Peace workshop,

please contact Ross Holzman at