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Create Peace Project Goes To Sarajevo

We are empowering 5,000 youth, promoting peace with two international art projects, training young leaders and filming this work for the Sarajevo Peace Event.

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Create Peace Project is going to Sarajevo! Join Us!

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Project Highlights 2008-2012

Who we are:

Our mission is to promote the practices of peace and spread the message of hope and good will using creativity to youth around the world.

Arts in education:

Extensive research has demonstrated that arts-education engages students in learning, contributes to higher test scores and reduces truancy and dropout rates.

“Yesterday was one of the best days ever at our school.

There was a feeling of peace throughout the entire school. Teachers all commented on it. Thank you for this marvelous project. We have already decided that we will do something similar every year as a school tradition. You have already made a huge impact on our school.”

~Linda Lakshminarayanan
Librarian | Media Specialist
Emerson School

Create Peace Project in the News

“peace cards”, are canvasses on which children express their visions for peace

~Kim-Jenna Jurriaans | Inter Press Service
Exchanging Peace, One Postcard at a Time